Test task for applicants. Linux.


Photo by Arian Darvishi on Unsplash

Colleagues, good afternoon!

Having moved to the position of team leader, I began to conduct interviews more often. And the problem with personnel in the region is making itself felt.

There is only one way out - to create a specialist!

And the main question becomes, is he ready?! It was decided to make a test task that was sent to potential colleagues. For verification, a specially broken image of the virtual machine was created.

Restoring this VM answer the following questions:
  • Reset password root

  • Working with fstab

  • Iptables|firewalld

  • Routing linux

  • systemd

  • LVM

  • Extended file attributes

  • Recovery of work PostgreSQL

  • Recovery of work bash scripts.

Links on image VM:

Next plans, i will create one more VM for advanced admins. Bye, bye.