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Good day, casual reader!

And so what I want to tell you today, in the depths of one small department, one small company, a small script - and named this script pyRsyncBackup

For what?! The task was as follows:
  • Backing up configuration files.

  • The initiator must be from outside. Because NAT.

  • Not all nodes have direct access.

First, a prototype was created that performed all these functions, worked on CRON and everyone was happy while the number of servers did not exceed overdohuya. + the release of the new software added work on reconfiguring pyRsyncBackup.

More requirements have appeared:
  • Auto detection of backup modules.

  • Working in Linux daemon mode.

Which was implemented in the current version pyRsyncBackup:
  • run as daemon.

  • Auto detection of backup modules.

  • Backing up via intermediate nodes.

What to expect next:
  • moving away from PostgreSQL, possibly into memory, perhaps into SQLite.

  • redesign of the proxy functionality, since some hosts shoot SSH connections (PAM)

  • Web interface for collecting backup files

But I will deal with these improvements, after creating a prototype of the access control system, if I have enough time and energy, then possibly this year as well.

Thank you.